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C.O.R.E. Will Deliver A Project Tailored To Your Specifications
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The Villages, Florida, Is The Largest Single-Site Real Estate Development In The United States, Spanning Over 27,000 Acres, With Further Expansion On The Horizon.

Note: Please hover over the names of the individual developments on the map for a hyperlink to the associated marketing brochure, which includes a site plan.

Whether you are a national credit tenant, a broker representative, a 1031 investor, or other real estate professional, please Contact Us if you are interested in an incredible opportunity to enter The Villages commercial real estate market. We will find a way to accommodate the project that you have in mind. In this regard, please note that our site plan renderings are reasonably flexible in order to accommodate your vision. Finally, outside of C.O.R.E.'s three primary developments pictured here, we also have smaller parcels in our inventory that may meet your needs.

Map: Part 1
Map: Part 2aMap: Part 2bMap: Part 2c
Map: Part 3
Map: Part 4aMap: Part 4bMap: Part 4cMap: Part 4dMap: Part 4e
Map: Part 5
Map: Part 6aMap: Part 6bMap: Part 6cMap: Part 6dMap: Part 6e
Map: Part 7aMap: part 7bMap: Part 7c
Map: Part 8aMap: part 8bMap: Part 8cMap: part 8d
Map: Part 9